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Standard Vs Professional



Import & Export

Import & Export Review

2D (Create Part List, Copy Text, Copy Image)

Export Interference Check (CSV, Excel, HTML, Userview)

Translate Single (STEP, IGES, CATIA V5, PDF, 3DXML, CGR, Parasolid)

Translate Multiple (STEP, IGES, CATIA V5, PDF, 3DXML, CGR, Parasolid)




Calculate Projected Area

Undercut Analysis

Draft Angle Analysis

Interference Check Analysis

2D CAD Drawing Compare and 3D Model Compare



Open 3D File Formats

CATIA V5 2D (*.CATDrawing)

ProE/Creo Parametric 2D (*.drw;*.drw.*) versions 16 - Creo 5.0

Solidworks 2D (*.slddrw)

STL (*.stl)

CATIA V4 (*.model;*.exp;*.session) versions 4.1.9 - 4.2.4

CATIA V5 (*.CATPart;*.CATProduct;*.CGR) versions V5R8 - 5-6R2018

UG NX (*.prt) versions 11-NX - 12.0.0

JT (*.jt) versions JT8.x, 9.x, 10, 10.2

Pro/Engineer (*.prt;*.prt.*;*.asm;*.asm.*)

STEP (*.stp;*.step) versions AP203, AP214, AP242

IGES (*.igs;*.iges) versions up to 5.3

Parasolid (*.x_t;*.xmt_txt;*.x_b;*.xmt_bin) versions 9.0 - 31.0.154

Solidworks (*.sldprt;*.sldasm) versions 98 - 2019

Autodesk Inventor (*.ipt,*.iam) versions v11 - 2019

Solid Edge (*.par;*.asm;*.psm) versions V18 - ST11

3D XML (*.3dxml) versions 4.0 - 4.3

XML (*.xml)

Autodesk (*.dwg;*.dxf) versions 2.5 - 2019

HPGL (*.hpgl;*.hpgl2;*.hgl;*.hpg;*.hp2,*.gl2;*.plt)

Image (*.jpg;*.gif;*.bmp;*.png;*.tif;*.tiff)

PDF (*.pdf)




New, Open, Save Animation (.AVI)

3D Exploded View

ISO Display (CATIA V5, NX, Default)

Pan, Rotate, Orbit, Move Pivot, Persp./Ortho, Zoom

Show/Hide Components, Annotations, Measurements

Panels (Layer, 2D Layer, Review, Userview, Section, Model Tree, Explore, Properties)

Snap Modes, Osnap

Quick Search Components

Add Model

PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) Display

Save Image

Visual Styles

Solid/ Surface Color and Transparency


Axis Management

Section Plane, Box, Inner

Create Custom View (Snapshot)

Create 2D Projection of Section

Create 2D Projection of Model

Create Animation (Snapshot)

View 2D Drawings (DWG, DXF)

2D View (Monochrome, Mini, Snapshots)



Annoate & Measurement

Surface Notes

2D/3D Notes

3D Markup (Text, Line, Arrow, Circle, Rectangle, Free Curve, Cloud)

2D Markup (Visual Note, Line, Rectangle, Circle)

Basic Measurement (Coordinates, Length, Angle)

Hole Measurement (Radius, Diameter, Coordinate, Slot Hole, Hole Depth, Hole Step)

Comprehensive Distance Measurement Tools

Comprehensive Angle Measurement Tools

Calculate (Bound Boxing, Area, Surface Area)

Calculate (Volume/Weight, Center of Gravity, Surface Volume, Planes)

Save Coordinates

Record Annotations and Measurements

Enterprise License

Volume license quotation and project customization

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